The quality of our consciousness goes up or down—and so do our moods—based on the choices we make. Krishna consciousness is both the highest consciousness attainable and the means to attain it.

The quality of our consciousness can go up or down, based on how we see the world and act in it. Acting like the permanent, spiritual beings we are—subordinate parts of a supreme whole—enhances our consciousness; we become happy. But if we make the happiness of our temporary body and mind our life’s priority, our consciousness shrinks; misery sets in. Spiritual elevation—raising our consciousness to higher, happier levels—happens quickly when we revive our God consciousness.

In this compact book, Srila Prabhupada recommends seeing this world as it is—a temporary place, full of anxiety—and following the higher road toward the supreme person, Krishna. Anyone can become elevated; the journey begins with a single step up.

Elevation to Krishna Consciousness